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SWGLA is proud to offer one-on-one individualized Technical Assistance (TA) with educator Olivia Tincani for SWGLA members needing advice, coaching, resources, and training on the nuts and bolts of the business behind your business. Our TA offerings are focused on three distinct needs detailed below, two of which are centered around tools and handouts that accompany webinars in the Bringing Meat to Market Series. TA is not guaranteed on registration—we will be in touch if you are selected. No SWGLA member can receive more than one round of TA. TA topic areas, time and producer limits, and pre-requisites for participation are detailed below. 

  • Greenhorn rancher, any topic – including any areas in business/financial/strategic planning/operations/marketing/personnel   (8 producers, 2hrs each, open only to emerging or new businesses)
  • Yield & Margin Calculator   (10 producers, 1hr each, Yield & Margin Calculator Instructional webinar watched beforehand; Calculator has been reviewed and ideally trialed for the operation beforehand)
  • Marketing Plan/Creative Brief creation   (5 producers, 2hrs each; Marketing Planning webinar (2019) watched beforehand and marketing planning/creative brief work has begun ahead of TA session)

Below is the application for the Technical Assistance sessions.

Registration does not guarantee acceptance. If your application is approved, Olivia Tincani will follow up with you to schedule your 1-hour session. Technical Assistance opportunities for one-on-one coaching are on a first-come, first-served basis and must be approved by the SWGLA board.

Application for Technical Assistance

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