Two-part course with part one required to participate in part two.

This 2-part webinar will walk through the necessities and complexities of managing your professional and personal cash flow, with the ever-desired goal of minimizing cash fluctuations and crunches. We will discuss forecasting business growth and related working capital needs through the creation of realistic, usable budgets. We will introduce a cash flow model template (.xls format) for your farm, ranch, or meat business, and walk through the basics of how to use it, with room for live questions. We will discuss one-time investment budgets and how to forecast for growth in terms of timing and cash flow. Our forecasts enable recognition of the need for financing, and we will review various modes of funding including the best time to approach them, relevance to the business cycle, and trade-offs across modes. We will connect theories and instruments for calculating the cost of production and sales pricing/margin estimates (using our Yield + Margin Calculator) to our cash flow tool, and discuss how the three can be used in sync with each other. Our goal is comfort in managing your income, expenses, debt, equity, and returns with a holistic vision of the whole business rather than just the tunnel vision that traditional ag enterprise budgeting usually promotes.

Educator: Anjali Oberoi

Parts 1 and 2 are available in the Member Resources area.

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