WEBINAR: Thursday, November 7, 2019, 9am MST

This webinar course will help ground your marketing efforts in foundational communications thinking and teach the importance of crafting a marketing plan. We will introduce techniques that are relevant to all business types at every stage of development. Our approach is grounded in thoughtful strategic planning so that money spent on promotion is always reflective of your overall core values and business identity.

Trainings include templates that will be reviewed but are to assist in the solo crafting of planning documents that act as road maps for your brand development and future marketing initiatives.

  • Topics covered:
    An introduction to Communications Strategy: understanding your market context, target audiences, and competitive advantage—your individual value proposition
  • Brand identity and value proposition development as expressions of your core values
  • Crafting a Marketing Plan
  • Marketing tactics and general good practices including: developing your voice through storytelling; product differentiation; collective branding; customer service; time management
  • Collaboration & community spirit: competitors as colleagues
  • Specifics of marketing initiatives for grassfed businesses including: direct to consumer marketing; special events; email and contacts management; advertising; and more

Educators: Olivia Tincani (Olivia Tincani & Co.) www.oliviatincaniandco.com

The Bringing Meat  to Market series is brought to SWGLA members and non-members thanks to generous support from the #NoRegrets Initiative

Cost: Free. Priority given to SWGLA Members. Limit 100 participants. A video recording of the webinar will be available on the SWGLA website for all SWGLA members. 

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