SWGLA is excited to announce its first series of business trainings focused on the fundamentals of supply chain, sales and marketing of grassfed meats for western producers. Designed to empower both current and emerging grassfed beef producers — those currently direct marketing meat looking to refine or deepen skills as well as livestock producers not yet selling product direct — the various courses dive into the details of what happens from the moment of harvest all the way through selecting and marketing to various end users and sales channels. Our learning goal is to provide resources, context, tools, and instruments for you to evaluate whether it is a smart opportunity to add direct meat sales to your existing operations. Courses will introduce the fundamentals of the following elements through a series of in person gatherings and online webinars: 

We hope to bring further detailed courses to our membership in 2020, such as Direct to Consumer and Retail Marketing Best Practices, Understanding Labeling and Third Party Certifications, Managing Cash Gracefully with Budgets and Breakeven Analysis, and more. Stay tuned for future announcements by becoming a member today. The Bringing Meat  to Market series is brought to SWGLA members and non-members thanks to generous support from the #NoRegrets Initiative

Cost of Production Webinar

“BRINGING MEAT TO MARKET” BUSINESS TRAINING SERIES—Wedneday, September 25, 2019, 2pm MST. Educators: Anjali Oberoi and Olivia Tincani. This workshop kicks off the “Bringing Meat to Market” series of business trainings focused on the fundamentals of supply chain, sales…

Grass Finishing in New Mexico: A Workshop with Anibal Pordomingo

Friday, September 13, 2019, 9 am – 5 pm. This workshop will provide New Mexico producers with a better understanding of grass finishing beef cattle. It will review all the factors that impact high quality grass finished beef while taking a closer look at how to build a quality program in the New Mexico environment.