Producer Training

“Bringing Meat To Market” 

In-depth Business Training for Western Grassfed Producers

SWGLA offers a series of business courses focused on the fundamentals of the supply chain and sales & marketing strategy and tactics of grassfed meat operations. Courses are designed for both existing and potential meat businesses and dive into the details of what happens from the moment of harvest through selecting and marketing to various end-users and sales channels. Financial trainings include material on record-keeping and accounting but focus on enterprise analysis and important areas of knowledge such as carcass maximization, harvest and yield records, and cost of production.  

All courses are designed to empower both current and emerging grassfed beef producers to refine and deepen skills, as well as livestock producers not yet selling products directly. Our learning goal is to provide resources, context, tools, and instruments for your current meat business, or to evaluate the opportunity to add direct meat sales to your livestock operation. 

BROWSE ALL COURSES or check out our FREE one-on-one Technical Assistance offering for individualized business coaching. Courses and materials are almost entirely available online, FREE for all members, and membership is currently offered at no cost – join us today! We hope to add new in-person events in 2022 and beyond.


Business Training

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