Best Practices for Marketing II: Wholesale in the time of COVID

A complement to our Direct to Consumer Marketing Options course, this course looks at the wholesale sales opportunities and offers a how-to for managing channels alongside an honest panel discussion between multiple buyers (online branded program, retail grocery, butcher shop, and restaurant) of how ranchers AND wholesale buyers have had to pivot in COVID times to keep wholesale sales channels healthy, functional elements of their operations.

The bulk of the course is centered around a frank and hopefully challenging panel discussion about how to keep these channels thriving in COVID times for folks at every step in the chain – ranchers, butcher shops, distributors, branded programs, and chefs/restaurants. Our panelists each describe what the challenges have been in continuing to purchase protein from local ranchers while having changed, morphed, or wildly adapted their business model. Our goal is to give insights as to how to cultivate these relationships given current realities, give you vision into what chefs, butcher shops, retail and branded program buyers are faced with in making decisions in this era, and practical logistics and operational tips to help ease each relationship. We hope to facilitate a lively and participatory dialogue and will look for active rancher engagement alongside our panelist speakers.


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