Speakers: Olivia Tincani, independent farm business educator & consultant, O & Co / SWGLA “Bringing Meat to Market” educator; Rebecca Thistlethwaite, Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network; and Holly Zink, Sunnyside Meats, Durango CO

Part of the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance’s ongoing “Bringing Meat to Market” programming, this workshop will provide an introduction to the basics and exploration of the middle supply chain elements of a grassfed meat business: everything that happens from the moment of harvest until it leaves your hands as a sellable product. It is open and relevant to all ranchers at any stage of their meat business development, including folks who haven’t yet launched, and also applicable to seasoned ranchers who need to better understand the nuances of processing and carcass maximization.  We will cover calculating yield during butchery and processing, from live weight through cut-out decisions, and how best to weigh your options in marketing various cuts in a quick overview of our Yield & Margin Calculator. We will discuss the integrity of your processor relationship, and review the soft skills, collaboration, and creative ideas necessary to cultivating a successful rapport. We will touch on inventory and production management tactics, as well as certifications and labeling basics. We touch on the next steps for educated, savvy sales, and pricing strategies as an introduction to SWGLA’s existing in-depth sales and marketing webinars. 

This course is geared towards producers and industry stakeholders wanting a general introduction to the meat supply chain in order to understand the various considerations for operating a meat program. It is appropriate for beginner or experienced producers who want to develop or refine skills and knowledge, specifically those looking most to improve practices around yield tracking and processing realities. The two-part workshop will have multiple moments of interaction, including breakout groups for emerging/new and existing meat businesses based on where your business is at in terms of development. Note that this course is a repetition of our offering at 2019’s Regenerate Conference with expanded group sharing/engagement opportunities and some small content additions. 

Recordings and materials are available in the Member Resources area.

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