Yield & Margin Calculator (Beef, Pork, Lamb/Goat)

Educator: Olivia Tincani

The Yield & Margin Calculator Instructional is an in-depth look at calculating yield post-processing , from live weight through cut-out decisions, how best to keep track of harvest numbers in order to create your own ranch benchmarks and standards over time, and how to determine best prices and margins across multiple revenue channels.

This  course is accompanied by a proprietary yield and margin calculation tool that can be used to weigh your options for profitable cuts based on actual harvest numbers, carcass yields, and by testing out various prices and margins across multiple revenue channels. The calculator also accounts for comparing options for full cut-out versus half , quarter, and eighth sales. In this quantitative exercise, we gift a practical “one-stop-shop” tool you can take back to the ranch to utilize for harvest tracking, processing/yield record-keeping, as well as pricing and margin analysis.

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