Educators: Olivia Tincani, Anjali Oberoi, Nathan Burk

Members can watch the Sales Strategy webinar here.


Our Sales Strategy course covers both the quantitative and qualitative elements of choosing and maintaining a mixed sales channel strategy for your business with revenue coming from various types of customers (retail/wholesale, food service, direct consumer, etc.). We discuss how to target varied customer groups through different channels, how to choose your channels wisely,  and what diversification means in terms of pricing, margin, and calculating overall potential profit. On the qualitative side, we teach a holistic approach to evaluating what channels to sell your product through, and why multiple sales channels often offer more stability. Our sales philosophy emphasizes collaboration versus the competition and takes the fear out of seemingly scary channels such as wholesale and discuss tactics for achieving success.  On the quantitative side, using a proprietary yield & margin tool, we evaluate sales channels via the lens of pricing strategy and resulting margins that ultimately contribute to your business bottom line. Margin calculations consider production and post-production costs unique to the channel and discuss how to base the pricing on both what your cost of production and the market can support. We cover carcass balance and also look at a few success stories of mixed revenue businesses. We hope to help you distinguish across diverse sales channel differences and their margins, analysis that helps serve your business through change, growth, and expansion stages.

The first season of Bringing Meat to Market series was brought to SWGLA members and non-members thanks to generous support from the #NoRegrets Initiative

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