Educator: Olivia Tincani & Guest Ranchers Loren & Lisa Poncia, Stemple Creek

This workshop is part of the second season of “Bringing Meat to Market,” a series of business trainings focused on the fundamentals of the supply chain, sales, and marketing of grassfed meats for western producers.

Grassfed ranchers at all levels have great potential to operate small and successful meat enterprises as part of a stacked enterprise approach to their livestock businesses. For ranchers who are either already selling meat directly into the consumer market, those who are selling to a large plant, third party reseller or wholesaler, or those who are considering moving from strictly livestock sales into meat business operations, this class is universal to all of you. We will review the how-to’s and pros and cons for the direct-to-consumer markets and balancing a mixed revenue channel approach to sales. Various sales and marketing options including whole and half animals versus selling cuts, farmers markets, online sales, and CSA models will be reviewed for direct-to-consumer channels. We will embrace the frozen question and discuss customer service, proper handling and packaging, and display ideas for these markets. The course will cover some specific marketing initiative ideas for all DTC avenues. Case studies in farm and ranch businesses with successful DTC sales avenues will be reviewed, and guest ranchers Loren & Lisa Poncia from Stemple Creek Ranch will be on deck to talk about their model, successes, and challenges.

Recording and presentation from Part 1 are available in our member resources area.

View Guidelines for Selling Grassfed Meat Locally

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