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Cost of Production Webinar

“BRINGING MEAT TO MARKET” BUSINESS TRAINING SERIES—Wedneday, September 25, 2019, 2pm MST. Educators: Anjali Oberoi and Olivia Tincani. This workshop kicks off the “Bringing Meat to Market” series of business trainings focused on the fundamentals of supply chain, sales…

Grass Finishing in New Mexico: A Workshop with Anibal Pordomingo

Friday, September 13, 2019, 9 am – 5 pm. This workshop will provide New Mexico producers with a better understanding of grass finishing beef cattle. It will review all the factors that impact high quality grass finished beef while taking a closer look at how to build a quality program in the New Mexico environment.


Audubon Conservation Ranching Program with Nancy Ranney

Ranney Ranch and Audubon partner to protect birds by restoring grasslands. Land health has been my foremost interest from a childhood on a horse to work in environmental planning to assuming the management of our family ranch in New Mexico in 2002. I was initially...

Letter From the Board: April 2019

This spring, as I’ve been recognizing that grass is not everything for our cattle, I’ve been realizing that the term “grassfed” itself does not completely define our work or goals.

What Brought Me to SWGLA

I’ve been known as a vegetarian because of a restaurant I started in San Francisco about 40 years ago: Greens. It is still going strong today, but I’ve never really related well to the vegetarian label.